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03 September 2012 @ 03:58 am
To Hell With It 1/2 [KrisYeol, HunHan, SuChen]  
Title: To Hell With It 1/2
For: grapefruitade
Pairing: Kris/Chanyeol, Sehun/Luhan, minor Suho/Chen
Genre: Romance, Angst, Supernatural, Violence
Rating: PG
Summary: When people start missing in Seoul, panic settles between the population, and people with special powers are brought together by fate to silently save the city. But the biggest problem is: no one's gonna come unscathed out of it.
Prompts: superhero!AU, someone who “disappears”, strikhedonia.
Length: 10.385 (holy shit!)
A/N: Couldn't choose only one, so I meshed three prompts together! I didn't exactly work with their literal meaning, I hope you don't mind. Hope you like it :3
A/N the second: Written for the runandgun exchange! Original post here, and everyone should read the other fics as well, so much awesomeness in one place!

Loud footsteps can be heard at the end of the empty street, and it's not long before there's a boy rounding the corner, feet skidding on the asphalt as he runs. At first he seems to be in a hurry to be somewhere, but seconds later there are shadows rounding the same corner.

He's not running toward something. He's running from something.

And that something is almost unidentifiable, just a mass of shadow and black things. Their screeches are like nails on a blackboard, and the boy winces at the sound, but his run never falters. Soon he and the creatures round another corner and disappear in the night.

The only sound left is a low humming, like a bonfire far away.

Chanyeol wakes up with a groan, pulling his pillow over his face to shield his eyes from the unforgivable sun coming through the open curtains. He forgot to close them, again.

It can't be helped. He always comes home too tired from his nightly patrols to think properly and remember to close the damn curtains.

His alarm clock rings just as he thinks he should get up, so he won't end up late to class for the fourth time this week. But getting up proves difficult today, and Chanyeol can feel all the scratches and burns from yesterday taking a toll on him.

Yixing is going to be livid when he sees them.

Wincing, already dreading the lecture Yixing's going to give him, Chanyeol ignores his pain and heads for the shower, ready to start the day. He doesn't take long to get ready and soon he's stepping out the door, planning on buying breakfast on the way so he won't be too late.

Two blocks down the street, he stops at Angel, the pretty, vintage coffee shop run by a young couple Chanyeol is friends with. Joonmyun greets him with the customary smile.

“Ah, Chanyeol. Aren't you late?” He asks, and it's the usual “nagging”, but Chanyeol doesn't mind. He likes it, actually. He never had someone to nag him about his studies or his well being before. The thought makes him frown for a second, but soon he dispels the gloomy thoughts in order to smile at Joonmyun.

“Hey hyung. Yeah, I am, but it's okay, the first class is not that important.” Which is a lie, and Chanyeol winks mischievously, causing Joonmyun to chuckle.

“Okay, okay, whatever you say.” Joonmyun knows there's something Chanyeol's being doing lately. Something dangerous that probably takes up most of his nights. It's obvious by the way he's always tired in the mornings, and usually running late. Also, there's this jaded look on Chanyeol's eyes, a look Joonmyun had never seen on him.

It worries him, and he plans on talking to Chanyeol about it soon.

Chanyeol just smiles tiredly and orders one of his usuals, for the road. He pays and waves Joonmyun goodbye, telling him he'll stop by later to see Jongdae-hyung as well.

Chanyeol doesn't notice the tall guy at the back of the shop, eyes following him as he leaves.

The first thing Chanyeol sees when he enters the classroom is Yixing's glare, but he just grins sheepishly as he takes his place beside him.

“Hi hyung.”

“Don't hi hyung me. You were out last night again, weren't you? Why didn't you call me?”

It's a recurring question, and Chanyeol can't help but sigh. Yixing doesn't look away from him, but his gaze softens.

“Were you hurt?” He asks, already calculating how much time he'll need to heal everything. Chanyeol really can't afford to be late to any other class, because he's almost failing this one.

Chanyeol has the decency to blush, and his smile is embarrassed, and Yixing takes pity on him and lets down the glare. “Fine, I'll heal you after class.” The rest of the class is spent in silence, both because Chanyeol is too tired to make small talk and because Yixing doesn't want to distract him from taking notes and paying attention.

When the class ends, close to noon, Chanyeol grabs his things and heads for the empty classroom they always use, Yixing by his side. The classroom is in another building, old and unused since the college built the new ones. It's far enough that no one would walk there for anything, so they have a relative privacy.

When they arrive, Chanyeol practically throws himself at a chair, and it's the first time today that Yixing notices just how hurt and sore Chanyeol is.

The thought is further cemented when Chanyeol takes his shirt of, to reveal a myriad of cuts and bruises that will leave him purple for the better part of a month.

Or would, if it weren't for Yixing.

Sitting behind Chanyeol in another chair, Yixing puts his hands on the wounded back in front of him and closes his eyes.

Chanyeol feels Yixing's hands on his back and can't suppress a shiver at how cold they are compared to his skin, because his skin is always warm. Too warm. It's not something he can change, though. Not unless he can somehow find a way to rip the fire out of him, but that sounds painful and not something he would really like to do.

Slowly, he feels a different kind of warmth, something safe, and Chanyeol thinks this is what a mother's embrace must be like.

A few minutes later and he's all healed, from head to toes, and he feels Yixing collapse against his back, puffs of air tickling him.

“Hyung, you didn't have to heal everything. The minor cuts could have been left alone.”

“What kind of healer would I be if I only healed half of your wounds. It would be a half assed job.” Yixing mutters, getting back on his feet.

“You're no good to anyone if you're fainted on the ground, you know.” And again, this is a conversation they've had before, something that goes round and never gets a solution, because Yixing is stubborn and too worried for his own good.

“You're too selfless for your own good, Chanyeol.”

It takes a few seconds for that to sink in, and Chanyeol keeps his back to Yixing, so he won't see the expression on his face. “No hyung, I'm not.”

The kid's name is Kai, and Chanyeol should have know there was something wrong with him since the beginning.

Kai is the type of person who can attract a crowd if he wants to. He's handsome, with dark skin and full lips, and the boyish smile on his face is an added bonus that has girls and guys alike drooling over him. He also has the saddest eyes Chanyeol has ever seen, and that's what makes him give Kai the time of day.

He understands that level of sadness only too well.

So when Kai approaches him one night at the club, Chanyeol doesn't pay attention to the warning bells in his head. They drink and talk the whole night, and there's a subtle flirtation behind their words, but Chanyeol is sober enough to hold himself away.

But Kai's allure is much more potent than he thought, and it's not long before they're making out in an alley near the club, too eager to get home.

“Your skin is too warm.” Kai complains, and it's an old complaint Chanyeol has heard a lot from other people, so he answers simply. “Take it or leave it.”

Kai takes it.

Chanyeol shakes the memory away just as Yixing puts his backpack on, and gives him a silent inquiring gaze, but Chanyeol doesn't answer.

He never does, because Yixing doesn't need to know the things Chanyeol did. Chanyeol doesn't want Yixing to hate him.

“Let's go grab lunch, hyung. My treat.” And he smiles brightly, turning away and out the door, and missing the knowing look Yixing throws at him.

The day passes slow, too slow for Chanyeol's liking, but that's probably due to the fact that he spent all his classes trying not to fall asleep.

His night patrols are taking a toll on him, but he can't allow himself to rest. This is all his fault anyway.

Sighing, he drags his feet to Angel, and musters enough energy to send a smile in Jongdae's direction. Throwing himself in a chair in a secluded corner of the coffee shop, Chanyeol fishes his laptop out of his bag and sets to work.

He can't afford to waste time, since his nights are always busy lately.

A few minutes later Jongdae appears at his side with coffee, which is usually not what Chanyeol orders, but is clearly what he needs right now. Chanyeol's pretty sure his eye bags are especially bad today.

“Thanks hyung.” He manages between a yawn.

Jongdae smiles. “No problem. Don't study too hard, hm?” And then he goes back to manning the coffee machine.

Chanyeol seeps his coffee and sighs happily, because Jongdae always gets the amount of sugar and cream just right. Putting the cup down, he squares his shoulders and gets to work, ignoring his heavy eyelids.

Two hours pass quickly and is nearing to closing time when Chanyeol finishes his last assignment, and he's ready to drop dead. Except he can't. Preparing himself for the long hours ahead, he puts his stuff on his back pack and heads to the register.

Joonmyun is there, counting the money from the day, and Chanyeol realizes he's the last one in the shop, which is not unusual.

After paying, he gets out of the store too quickly, and ends up crashing against someone.

The impact threatens to send him to the ground because he's too tired, but strong arms hold his waist and keeps him up.

Chanyeol takes a second to recover from the scare, and when he looks up, there's a serious, almost angry face looking back at him, and he swallows nervously.

The guy, blond with dark eyes and even taller than him, looks ready to murder someone, and Chanyeol hopes is not him. They stare at each other for while, and then the guy realizes how close they are and releases Chanyeol.

“I-I'm sorry.” Chanyeol stutters.

“It's okay.” It's short and to the point, but Chanyeol can hear a slight accent, and he wonders where this handsome guy is from. But before he has time to ask or do anything else, the guy brushes past him and goes down the road, the opposite side of where Chanyeol is going.

Chanyeol looks back to watch the large back become smaller, and not knowing why, feels a strange urge to follow. But that's stupid, he doesn't want someone to call the police because suddenly he became a stalker, so he just turns around and continues on his way, forcing himself not to look again.

Of course, he misses the guy turning around to watch while he turns a corner.

Opening the door to his small apartment, Chanyeol sighs at the depressing sight. There are clothes everywhere, and he probably doesn't have clean dishes anymore. He swears he's going to tidy up the place, but every waking hour of his is spent either at college or patrolling. When he's simply home, he's too tired to do anything but fall into his bed.

And as much as he would like to do that, he forces himself to change clothes, putting some black clothing that will help him not stand out at night.

Checking himself in the mirror before going out, he grimaces at the face that looks back at him.

This is all your fault. He thinks, frowning at himself.

Grabbing a jacket, he's out the door before he looses it and ends up punching the mirror. There are better things to punch tonight.

The beast is huge, bigger than the ones he's seen in a while, and Chanyeol can feel his whole right side burning in pain from where the damn thing slashed him with its claws. The only thing really visible is the angry red eyes staring at him from between the shadows of some trees in the park, and Chanyeol snarls.

“Come and fight me, coward.” He's not in the mood for games tonight, but the beast only cackles, its laugh something like rocks hitting on rocks, and grating on Chanyeol's ears.

He runs to the trees, intent on burning them and ruining the beast's refuge, but just as he's about to unleash the ball of fire in his hand, there's a high pitched screech from behind him, and Chanyeol winces.

Now he's screwed.

He doesn't have time to stop, to turn around and aim the fire at the new beast's head, but just as he's about to close his eyes and wait for the worse, there's a thud behind him, and both beasts screech in rage.

Not one to waste opportunities, Chanyeol sends the fire directly into the first beast’s eyes, when it comes out from its hiding place to help the other. The howl it makes hurts his ears, but Chanyeol is used to it.

He's also used to the awful smell of burned flesh. It comes with the job.

Turning around, he's readying another fireball in his hands, but stops dead when he sees who's standing on the struggling beast, holding it to the ground.

It's the guy from earlier that evening, the one he crashed into.

He's dressed all in black as well, and the expression on his face as he stares down at the creature beneath his foot is scary, and Chanyeol thinks he should just go away.

But he's fascinated.

It's the first time he found someone fighting the things too, which he really hopes is what the mysterious guy is doing, because he really doesn't want to fight with another human being, especially one that's so strong, if the fact that he's holding a beast down with only one foot is anything to go by.

The guy turns to him and fixes Chanyeol with an intense stare. “Are you hurt?”

The question is so unexpected that Chanyeol can't help but smile. “No, I'm not.”

The guy widens his eyes at him, and Chanyeol is quick to recompose, thinning his lips. The children at the orphanage used to say his smile was creepy, and he doesn't want to creep this guy out. Not yet.

“You should let me... you know.” Chanyeol says, gesturing at the beast.

The guy widens his eyes. “You can kill them?”


“Er... yes?”

But the guy keeps staring at Chanyeol like he's an alien, and Chanyeol frowns. Those kind of stares, as if he's a freak, are ones he's not in the mood to receive tonight. But still, there's something there, in the other's face, something that tells he's genuinely curious, and not just mocking.

The question thrown his way was weird, but Chanyeol gets close anyway, and the guy steps back. For a second Chanyeol is afraid the beast is gonna jump up and get the better of them, but no. It just stays there, screeching as if in pain.

Chanyeol's not sure what the other did, but he won't waste precious time. He throws a fireball right at the beast's head and watch as it burns from head to toes, as if he had thrown a Molotov on it.

It's a strangely fascinating view.

After the thing is just a black carcass on the ground, he turns around. “What's your name?” He asks, afraid he won't get an answer.

But. “Wufan.”

Wufan. Chanyeol feels something warm inside him, and it's certainly not the fire constantly burning in his soul.

“It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Chanyeol.” Chanyeol says with a smile, and Wufan seems amused at his politeness.

“You need to tell me how you kill those things.”

It's important, of course, but Chanyeol feels something more behind the statement, like Wufan is just looking for an excuse. It makes his heart beat faster.

“Of course.”

It's strange, the way they get close. Wufan reveals he's been watching Chanyeol for a while, has seen him at Angel coffee shop sometimes, even though Chanyeol has never seen him. They exchange numbers, promise to meet up the other day and talk.

Wufan doesn't say it, but Chanyeol gets the feeling Wufan is lonely in this endeavor, just like himself. He thinks of introducing Yixing and Wufan as an afterthought.

“I could feel your power radiating all the way from where I was. Besides, did you know there's a weird sound around you? It's like a bonfire, a low humming that never ceases.”

Chanyeol chuckles. “What, so I have a fire inside me? Like, literally?”

“I don't know, do you want me to open you and find out?” Wufan asks with a mischievous smirk, waving his knife around.

Chanyeol squeaks – manly – and lifts his empty plate up as a barrier. “No, thanks!”

They laugh, carefree, and it's like they've know each other for a long time.

And the talk never strays to the night before. It's like an unspoken rule between them: don't talk about dark things when the sun is still up.

Chanyeol laughs again at something Wufan says, and he sees from the corner of his eyes Joonmyun and Jongdae watching them, amused. He blushes and hopes Wufan doesn't notice.

Well, of course he notices, but thankfully all Chanyeol gets as teasing is another smirk and a pinch to the cheek.

The day looks sunnier today.

They're not dating per se, but Kai spends a lot of time on Chanyeol's apartment. They mostly watch television and kiss and make out and other things Chanyeol's not really comfortable talking about with Yixing, even when the other throws him amused glances.

The thing is, they're not really dating, but Chanyeol gets protective, gets attached, and so he ignores for a while when Kai starts acting strange.

Except that ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away, and sooner or later the problem gets bigger and nastier. Which is exactly what happens.

Kai was always a little bitter, rough around the edges, and Chanyeol knows, even though they never talk about it, that he was raised in an orphanage. Just like Chanyeol.

And Chanyeol understands. Really, he does. He knows how it is being bullied at school for having no parents, at being called names for being poor, for using hand-me-downs. Chanyeol knows how it feels lonely when you're the only kid who's parents don't come for Parents Day, because you have none.

He understands the pain of growing in families that don't really want you, don't really see you. The pain of being treated so bad you feel like running away, even though you'll be without food and a roof over your head.

He understands all of this, and he tries to comfort Kai, but the pain Kai feels just goes beyond the healthy scale.

It's actually scary, and when Kai starts talking about how he thinks the world should end because all humans are scumbags, Chanyeol hears the warning bells again, bells that never stopped because Kai was never safe.

And Chanyeol should have noticed that, but he was too blind.

When he wakes up in the middle of the night, bound and cuffed to the bed, Chanyeol panic. He can't talk or scream, so he thrashes around the bed until Kai gets in the room.

“Ah, Chanyeol, you're awake.”

Chanyeol glares at him. What do you think you're doing? goes unsaid, but Kai reads his expression and chuckles.

“Don't worry, this will all end up soon.”

And it looks like it, yes, because Chanyeol can see, even in the dark, the scribbling on the walls, the book in Kai's hand, the knife laying beside himself on the bed.

Everything looks ready for whatever Kai plans on doing, and Chanyeol is scared for the first time in a long time. The last time he felt this helpless was when the man from the couple who had adopted him tried to beat him into a bloody pulp.

Kai kneels on the bed, and he has the knife in one hand and the book still in the other, and there's something really sinister going on, because his eyes glow a little red around the edges, and Chanyeol feels bile rising up on his throat.

Kai just smiles sweetly at him and starts chanting something like a prayer, or a curse, or both, and Chanyeol feels betrayed. He starts hyperventilating, and something's burning inside him, and it hurts.

He can't scream, suddenly can't move either, and he thinks he's going to die.

Kai raises the knife and plunges it on Chanyeol's stomach, and the world turns black.

And then Chanyeol wakes up.

The nightmare takes a toll on the quality of his sleep, and even though it's Saturday and Chanyeol slept in, he doesn't feel rested, at all.

He replays the nightmare at breakfast, going over the horrible memories, and for a moment the panic he felt that day comes crashing down on him and it's hard to breathe.

He puts his head in his hands, and tries not to remember the days after. The confusion, the pain, the way his whole body hurt like it was on fire from the inside out. The fear he felt when he tried to wash the scribbling on the walls of his room, how he felt like the foreign words were whispering at him, calling his name, like some horror movie.

The only reprieve he had that hellish week was meeting Yixing at the beginning of the semester, and finding out about the powers Yixing had when Chanyeol fell down a flight of stairs and broke his ankle. Yixing was the one who healed it.

Of course, Chanyeol was astounded, and he remembers how Yixing laughed when Chanyeol asked if he was an angel.

Yixing was the best friend Chanyeol never had as a child, and it was for that friend that Chanyeol found he himself had powers too. They were walking home one day, approaching the point where they would split up, and Yixing was trying to convince him to spend the night at his house.

There had been a lot of missing people those last days, and some far fetched tale of dark things hunting people in the dead of night in Seoul. Chanyeol would have scoffed at it if it didn't brought chills to his spine. So Yixing said it wasn't safe to walk alone so late, and that they should stay together.

Chanyeol opened his mouth, ready to agree, because the stories people were telling each other in the corridors of their college building hit too close to home. Dark things with red eyes, and it sound like a description of the way Kai had looked that faithful night.

But Chanyeol never got to answer, because there was a screech behind them, too close for comfort, and he felt Yixing's fingers close around his wrists tightly.

There wasn't any time to run before there was something on Chanyeol's back, crashing his front to the ground with its weight, and he screamed as something that felt like claws took a chunk out of his clothes and flesh, and he almost missed the way Yixing shouted in alarm.

Mustering a strength he didn't know he had, Chanyeol threw the thing on his back aside and looked behind him, to see Yixing cornered by two black things with no real shape, except for something that looked like a spine.

But the eyes, the red eyes Chanyeol had seen on Kai that night, those were unmistakable.

Chanyeol lift his head from his head, headache averted, and can't help but smile, remembering what came next.

He felt the burning inside him again, except this time it didn't hurt at all. It was actually screaming at him, dying to get out, to be thrown against the things – beasts – trying to hurt Yixing.

So Chanyeol let it.

He doesn't really remember most of it. All he knows is that he woke up to Yixing's worried face, and then he was talking excitedly about how Chanyeol had just burned the three things, how cool it was, and maybe they should get aliases to go with their superpowers.

Chanyeol remembers laughing until his stomach hurt.

Yixing had healed his back and they had gone to Yixing's house, just to be safe. They hadn't really slept that night, it was more exciting to mess around on the internet, on their books, looking for something that could explain what was happening.

It hadn't really sunk at the time, just how screwed the situation was.

Obviously, there wasn't much information available on the books or online, mostly it was just lore and legends, but Chanyeol felt comforted in the knowledge that he wasn’t alone.

That he wasn't a freak.

The myriad of memories is a little overwhelming, and Chanyeol doesn't know if he should smile or frown at it all. Since he met Kai, since he met Yixing, things have been a mess of good and bad moments, and he's not sure he would do anything different.

Well, except for the knife in the stomach that left a big fucking scar, and the things still killing people at night, but those are things beyond his control.

All he can do is kill the beasts and protect the city as much as he can. Because it's his fault.

He sits at Angel's most hidden table, trying not to sleep over his homework. Joonmyun brings him hot chocolate every half hour, and Chanyeol whines he's gonna spend all his scholarship money on beverages.

But he never turns down the hot chocolates.

A few minutes after his fifth cup, the bells on the door ring and Chanyeol looks up, and can't help the way his eyes lit up when he sees Wufan. It's been a few weeks since they've know each other, and Chanyeol feels like a schoolgirl with a crush.

It's exciting. He hasn't felt this way in a long while.

He waves Wufan over, and the other boy smiles slightly, coming to the table after ordering something with Jongdae at the counter.

“Ayo, what's up?”

Wufan laughs. “That gangster style doesn't suit you.”

“What do you think would suit me, then?” Chanyeol asks, pouting.

“Something cute.”


Wufan laughs again at Chanyeol's outraged squeak – “I do not squeak!” – and opens his backpack to take his laptop. A few more jests and a few more laughs, and Jongdae comes with Wufan's coffee, and then they both set to work.

Wufan is a pleasant company, which is surprising because he enjoys silence while Chanyeol can't seem to keep his mouth shut most of the time. Yixing likes to compare the two of them and laugh. “Well, opposites tract, right?” He always asks, making Chanyeol blush.

Just remembering Yixing's words makes him blush again, and Chanyeol hopes Wufan is too busy with his homework to notice.

But the thing is, Wufan always seems to notice things when it comes to Chanyeol.

“You're blushing.” The statement is followed by a finger poking his cheek, and Chanyeol feels his face on fire.

“I-it's nothing, really.” He stutters, and it seems like he's always stuttering around Wufan.

Wufan smiles like he knows a secret he's not telling, and gets back to work. Chanyeol grabs his pen and tries to work too, but he's still too caught up in the Wufan smiled just now.

Because it always feels like those smiles are just for Chanyeol, and he feels the fire inside him flare brightly at the thought.

Two days later, Wufan invites Chanyeol to the festival at the Han River, saying he wants Chanyeol to meet some friends of his, and Chanyeol is excited.

Also, he's ridiculously nervous, and he checks himself at least ten times in the mirror before Yixing pushes him out of the apartment with instructions to not come back until they kiss.

Chanyeol gives him the finger, and Yixing's laugh follows him down the stairs.

It's a sunny day and Chanyeol is dressed casually, jeans and t-shirt hanging loosely on his frame. He hides his hands in his pockets as he approaches the festival, so no one will notice the way they shake with nervous energy.

It doesn't take long to find Wufan's tall frame amongst the people, and Chanyeol walks slowly in his direction, observing the way Wufan interacts with the two people with him.

There's a pretty boy with honey hair smiling up at Wufan, and they're talking animatedly, and Chanyeol feels jealousy crawling around in his stomach. Next to the pretty boy there's another one, slightly taller and with a serious, almost bored expression on his face. He's the one to see Chanyeol, and he pokes Wufan and points at Chanyeol's direction.

Chanyeol doesn’t know how the boy knows him, and he keeps that question to ask Wufan later.

Wufan turns around and the smile on his face grows a few notches when he spots Chanyeol in the middle of the crowd, and Chanyeol feels the resident butterflies in his stomach go wild.

The two boys are Luhan and Sehun, and it turns out Chanyeol doesn't need to be jealous, because it's pretty clear they are a couple.

A very in love couple.

It's freaking cute, and Chanyeol and Wufan trade amused glances whenever Luhan and Sehun get too mushy, which it's pretty often.

Wufan met Luhan at their college, and they became close because they're both Chinese, so communication was easier between each other when they didn't know the language. Luhan ended up meeting Sehun in a dance class, an extra course he's taking, and they hit it off from the very beginning.

Chanyeol smiles at the story, but at the same time he can't help but feel jealous of Luhan and Sehun, because they're clearly made for each other, and Chanyeol can't help but look at Wufan when Luhan turns away to talk quietly with Sehun.

He's surprised when he sees Wufan is looking at him with smiling eyes, even though his face is serious, and Chanyeol's heart skips a few beats, face warming up. He puts his fingers at each corner of Wufan's mouth and pulls, forcing a smile on his face.

Wufan laughs and gets distracted, and Chanyeol feels his blush dissipating slowly. But he doesn't miss the knowing wink Luhan throws his way, and his blush comes back full force.

Chanyeol's been blushing a lot lately, but he can't find it in himself to complain. He'll just enjoy the ride.

Of course, things are too good to be true, and soon Chanyeol's parade is destroyed by heavy rain.


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